FX : crowd simulation artist

Lieu : Bruxelles
Département : VFX
Contrat : Freelance

8 février 2018


• You are responsible for creating highly realistic crowd simulations, intended to be featured in VFX for live actions projects
• You work closely with lighting and rendering artists to make sure the FX will look correctly
• You gather 3D assets produced by Modeling and Animation departments and ensure a good communication in order to produce high quality final result
• You master a VFX pipeline and respect production deadlines
• You propose artistic and technical solutions for the project and have good problem-solving skills
• You meet deadlines while retaining a high quality of work
• You manage priorities and identify the right order in which to complete tasks


• Be passionate about FX
• Extensive knowledge of Houdini
• Extensive knowledge of Maya (goalem crowd)
• To be skilled in Python is a plus
• Experience in rigging and animation
• A basic knowledge of physic
• Nuke experience is a plus
• Previous experience in a VFX environment
• You have excellent communication skills and you are a good team member
• Ability to manage tight deadlines
• You are eager to learn and develop professionally
• You are proactive, positive and fun to work with
• You are rigorous and detail-focused
• You are fluent in English and/or French and you are willing to work in Brussels


Please send your application to vfx_brussels@umedia.eu