VFX Producer (EN)

Lieu : Bruxelles
Département : VFX
Contrat : Freelance

21 avril 2022

Umedia is a Belgian studio specialized in the production of international film projects Its activities include production, co production, financing and visual effects ( The studio is ideally located in the popular Louise Châtelain district of Brussels)

To reinforce our team, Umedia is looking for a VFX Producer to join our studio in Brussels.

By joining us, you will become part of a young and dynamic team, driven by the search for excellence and passion and attached to a strong corporate culture.


Your tasks & responsibilities

  • Responsible with the VFX Supervisor of managing clients experience and expectations on the projects.
  • Be the primary point of contact for clients and ensure their satisfaction with the organization’s product or service. It means showing the clients how important they are to you and the business by interacting with them in a friendly- helpful and positive way. Good client service means meeting expectations, but excellent client service means exceeding them.
  • Prepare and manage the project’s schedules, alert Executive VFX Producer and VFX Supervisor in case of a deviation.
  • Main contact person for the client during production.
  • Ensure a smooth communication between the people involved in the project: Director, Editor, VFX Supervisor, Post production Supervisor, Lead Artists, etc.
  • Work closely with Executive VFX Producer and VFX Supervisor in order create and implement strategies to achieve the objectives for the delivery of the project on time and budget.
  • Work with the VFX Supervisor to establish a workplan in order to deliver the project on time and in the best conditions, respecting the allowed Man days and artist’s costs. Alert Executive VFX Producer in case of deviations.
  • Support VFX Supervisor and Executive VFX Producer or Bidding Producer in the production of VFX Budgets and Quotes.
  • Work closely with the Executive VFX Producer, VFX Supervisor and HR in order to create the teams for the project.
  • Responsible for coordinating the Artists in the team (not managing in a technical way)
  • Supervise VFX Coordinator.
  • Inform the Executive VFX Producer and HR team of the changes in the provisional arrivals/departures of the artists.
  • Help create a “great place to work” in the department and keep an optimistic and professional work ambiance.
  • Responsible for the project follow-up and make sure that time logs and financial follow up are aligned every end of the week in order to ensure a correct payment of the artists’ salary
  • Ensure that Shotgun is up to date with all the information needed to reflect the advancement of the project and everything needed for the artists to be able to complete their work: bids, VFX description, time logs, etc.
  • Anticipate problems in the project in order to alert VFX Supervisor and Executive VFX Producer to try to find an optimal and quick solution.
  • Report to Executive VFX Producer regularly on the advancement of the project.
  • Ensure that a clear communication occurs at all times between Umedia, the Director/DOP and Producers.

Skills required

  • Previous experience in managing a VFX “realistic” projects (live action films/series)
  • Passionate about film and VFX
  • You are a team leader, client oriented, open-minded, respectful and able to manage the complexity of human relationships
  • You have strong communication and business strategy skills
  • You can handle work under pressure and are not afraid of tight deadlines
  • You are fluent in English (French and/or Dutch is a plus)
  • You are ready to work in Brussels