Our studio

As an international award-winning VFX studio, the #1 Belgian Visual Effects company with facility in Paris, Umedia VFX works on circa 45 films a year and can accomodate up to 150 artists.

With a team of internationaly acclaimed talents, Umedia VFX brings directors solutions to their artistic needs, while respecting production constraints.

Specialized in visual effects, we offer complete services from budgeting, previz, design, to set supervision and 2D & 3D effects while also financing up to 55% of the VFX costs.

A complete service

Budgeting – previz - on set supervision - 2D & 3D VFX



Umedia is capable of financing up to 55% of the VFX budget. The financing opportunity is reviewed on case-by-case basis.


Nora Berecoechea

CEO Global

Nora Berecoechea has degrees from both the Argentinian National University of the Northeast and Lille University of Science and Technology. She began her career working for Ernst & Young, a multinational professional services firm, and specialized herself in Innovation and Entrepreneurial Strategy. In 2012, she joined Umedia VFX and participated in over 80 VFX projects until now. She is now the CEO of Umedia VFX, overseeing the VFX divisions and managing the Brussels and Paris teams.

Nora Berecoechea

CEO Global

Thierry Delobel

Artistic Director Europe

Thierry Delobel has more than 20 years of experience in VFX and has already worked as effects director at Éclair Group and Duran Duboi. Thierry started his career as graphic designer on a number of productions, and later as Visual Effects Director. He has worked on more than 85 films and TV series, of all sizes and genres.

Thierry Delobel

Artistic Director Europe

Our offices


Located in the center of Brussels, our VFX studio can accommodate over 100 artists. Our infrastructure includes a projection room equipped with a 4.6 meter screen, an AVID editing room, and production office.


Located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, our VFX studio offers services adapted to all types of projects, from movies to TV series and TV movies. In terms of capacity, the studio can host up to 30 artists.


Since June 2020, we have been developing our activities in Flanders with the subsidiary UFX Flanders


In 2021, Umedia VFX expands its activities in Wallonia with the opening of the UFX Wallonia studio, within the creative hub Station6 in Genval